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Breakfast & Visit Exhibitors

Housekeeping & Safety
Jeff Trowbridge

Opening Prayer & Ditch Digger Poem
Jerry Baker

Summit Kickoff – “Winners in Safety”

Keynote Speaker
Shawn Spiwak

Shawn Spiwak is a Lead Skills Trainer for Evergy in Kansas City, MO. He started his career with Evergy (formerly KCPL) in 2001. As a successful graduate of a three-year, Department of Labor-certified apprenticeship program, he continued his electrical career as a journeyman lineman. After a life changing accident, he focused on training. Since 2009, he has been teaching apprentices and journeymen electrical fundamentals and theory. This time has been invaluable at providing insight into the needs of training and safety procedures on the job.

Natural Gas Damage Prevention & Safety Awareness
Colby Townsend

  • Natural Gas Awareness: The characteristics and ways to recognize a leak.
  • Safe digging around natural gas facilities.
  • Damage recognition and response.
  • Additional KGS resources – The Risk Assessment and Damage Reduction “RADAR” program.

Medical Safety on Your Jobsite
Charlie Peel

  • Are you ready for a medical emergency?
  • Know the signs.
  • Be prepared.

Lunch & Visit Exhibitors

Hazards Associated with Electricity: A Look at Overhead and Underground Powerline Incidents
Tim Boswell

Tim will provide a powerful and dynamic power point presentation that will reveal the true hazards of working around overhead and underground power lines. Electrical contacts are far more frequent than one ever hears about! This presentation will provide the opportunity to see and discuss the effects of electricity on the human body. How electricity can hurt you through touch potentials, voltage gradients, and step potentials. Tim will provide you with practical guidelines on scene assessment, coaching, and keeping you and your co-workers safe. You’ll learn why to be observant around high voltage powerlines, but more importantly, you’ll learn that low voltage does not mean low hazard! With the aid of a “Hot Demonstration Trailer” energized at 7200 volts, the Evergy Presentation Team will review and demonstrate real life situations to help you incorporate observance for possible electrical hazards during everyday life activities at work and at home. 

Kansas 811 & Law Change Reminder
Arch York & Keely Hosmann

Kansas law changes that impact how you operate.

1000 Ways to Die in a Trench
AJ Gajdosik

This high energy session will break down why we still have a problem working safely in trenches. Using real life examples ripped from the headlines of trench fatalities, we’ll discuss their common elements and what you can do so you don’t become one of the numbers! You’ll leave with excavation and trench safety knowledge to save your life.

Outside Influences That Impact Jobsite Safety: Are you prepared?
Aaron Paris

  • Prepare your team.
  • Identify threats.
  • Act.

“The Closer”
Brian Smith

  • Responsibilities
  • Accountability

Door Prizes / Raffle Prizes
Jerry Baker

Closing Statements
Jeff Trowbridge, Arch York, & Keely Hosmann